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Culture Analytics

Manage, strengthen, and make culture your competitive advantage using real-time analytics

core values

as a baseline for measuring culture

min. survey

to capture employees’ perception of culture

min. survey

to understand leaders’ aspirational culture

day analysis

of new hire culture fit after onboarding


of behavioral science research

Culture benchmarksCurrent and aspirational

Move strategically on culture initiatives

Align leadership on cultural gaps and needs, and use real-time data to track progress.

Risk analysisBy team and overall

Capture your company’s culture strength

Gain visibility into culture strength, which directly effects engagement, performance, and retention.

Gap analysisTo identify at-risk areas

Identify cultural disconnects

Monitor for early signs of cultural breakdown, and create a plan for strengthening alignment.

Values and motivators analysis

Understand employee perceptions

See which core values and behaviors are most represented for a comprehensive look your CultureDNA™.

Culture fit analysis60 or 90 days post hire

See new hire onboarding success

Survey new hires to ensure culture fit, and see how these employees are shaping your overall culture.

Why culture analytics?

Culture analytics provide an objective baseline, as well as a shared understanding of culture – the essential starting point for any successful culture initiative.

Culture strength predicts employee engagement, performance, and retention. Culture analytics provide the visibility you need to improve in these areas.

Rather than a single point in time measurement, you’ll get a consistent pulse into culture strength, plus the ability to segment and see trends over time.

“We’re focused on leveraging culture to drive our next phase of growth. Culture analytics are an essential piece of the puzzle.”

Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer

Talent Analytics Platform

  • Unlimited culture surveys for incumbents and new hires
  • Custom Culture Diagnostic & Review
  • Ability to administer surveys on a rolling basis for year-round insight
  • Dedicated Client Success Team

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