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Leadership Assessment

Identify emerging leaders, improve succession planning, and promote the right people faster


to complete a leadership assessment


to complete a leadership simulation


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daily practice

for ongoing leadership development


of behavioral science research

Hi-po shortlist

Instantly identify high potentials

Make hi-po decisions faster and more effectively with a shortlist of high potential employees.

Leadership match report

See each employee’s potential for success

Understand the top competencies and cognitive abilities that impact success at the leadership level.

Career pathing and succession

Determine the best career path.

Break the mold of ‘one-size-fits-all’ with growth plans aligned to each individual’s strengths and potential.

Leadership simulation

Assess leaders for future roles

Have leaders demonstrate their readiness by tackling new challenges they’ll face at the next level.

Leadership pipeline scorecard

Promote the right people at the right time

Improve succession decisions by understanding who’s ready now, and who needs more time to develop.

9-box and bench strength

Measure and build your bench

Understand strengths and development needs at-a-glance, and track improvements over time.

Daily development app

Drive daily development

Empower leaders to build habits through daily exercises on a tailor-made development plan.

Why leadership assessment?

Managers misidentify the right talent for succession 60% of the time [1]. Only leadership assessments can objectively predict performance for next-level roles, and do it at scale across your front-line, mid-level, and senior leader populations.

Whether your focus is on succession planning, leadership change, or overall bench strength, leadership assessments provide a unified strategy for identifying and developing skilled leaders to meet the needs of your business.

There’s a shift happening in leadership development as companies move away from classroom trainings and programs. Leadership assessments empower you to customize development and deliver it directly to your employees.

Talent Analytics Platform

  • Unlimited leadership assessments, leveled for front-line, mid-level, and senior leaders
  • Leadership Simulation + Daily Development App for select groups or leaders
  • Dedicated Client Success Team
  • Industry benchmarking & ROI case study

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