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Top Use Cases

Learn how companies are using predictive talent analytics, and see which solutions will help you achieve your goals

High-Volume Hiring and Hyper Growth

Case Study: Video Interviewing Powers Rapid Global Expansion at MSX International

If you’re in an in industry that does a lot of hiring, such as airline, healthcare, hospitality, property management, restaurant, retail – or, if your business is growing rapidly – then speed and scalability are your top concerns. Also critical is your ability hire people who add to, rather than dilute your company’s culture and performance. Our solutions provide structure and efficiency, and they’re highly predictive, empowering you to make the best possible hiring decisions for your organization.


Employee Engagement, Performance, and Retention

Case Study: Improved Hiring Saves $18M in Turnover at Nationwide Retail Chain

Everything you do in talent selection and talent management impacts these KPIs – and ultimately, the success of your business. That’s why each solution on our platform is specially designed to drive improvement in these areas. By predicting candidate fit, fast-tracking top talent, powering career growth, strengthening cultural alignment, and developing strong leaders, you will have the competitive edge you need to become a top-performing company.

Culture Change and Culture Management

In the News: Culture Analytics Fuel Record Growth at Ryan, LLC.

Organizational culture is critical to business success [1]. But without the right tools, measuring, managing, and moving culture are major challenges. Our culture analytics tool provides much-needed visibility into your company’s cultural strength and equips you to track progress on culture initiatives – especially during mergers, acquisitions, restructures, and leadership changes. Pair Culture Analytics with OutMatch Assessment to strengthen or evolve your culture through strategic hiring.


“We were never true believers in predictive analytics… Until now. The results are impressive!”

Clay Stallings, VP of Talent Acquisition & Development

Solutions to support every stage in the employee lifecycle.

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