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New Technology in Talent Selection

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New Technology In Talent Selection

It’s an exciting time in HR. Our traditionally soft-skills industry is becoming tech-savvy. Finally! HR technology and predictive analytics are bringing precision and accuracy to talent strategy, and giving HR leaders the power to impact bottom-line business results like never before.

By embracing technology, HR continues to sharpen it’s decision-making capabilities. We’ve seen huge improvements in Talent Acquisition’s ability to predict a candidate’s job performance and turnover risk before making the hiring decision. Talent Acquisition is also equipped to predict and prepare for staffing shortages, and to quantify the financial impact of hiring decisions on the bottom line. All thanks to technology.

In light of such successes, employers are taking an all-in approach to technology. At the same time, they’re beginning to devalue to the human side of talent selection.

Before the rise of modern HR technology, employers had no choice but to trust the instincts of their recruiters and managers to make the right hiring decision. Employers now have the option to eliminate gut instinct and human intuition from the hiring process entirely. But should they?

What we’ve found is that HR technology and human intuition don’t have to be at odds with one another. Technology has transformed HR into a an efficient, high-powered machine. But in talent selection (and in life), balance is key.

That’s why best-in-class companies use a blended approach, valuing their teams’ ability to make good judgments about talent, and also leveraging technology to provide guidance and create an efficient, reliable, and pain-free talent selection process.

To learn more, download our white paper: Hydrangeas, Narcissists, and Intuitive Thinking: The Science Behind Intuition, and Its Role in Talent Selection.

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