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Texas Based Property Management Company

Texas Based Property Management Company

Company Background: This rapidly expanding real estate property management firm is based in Frisco, Texas. In just over two years, the company has nearly tripled its portfolio of multifamily and apartment communities it manages, with 17 locations in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin.  At the same time, its workforce of property managers, assistant managers, on-site leasing agents, maintenance assistants and porters has nearly doubled to 135.

Business challenge: With accelerated growth comes the need to fill positions quickly without sacrificing quality of hire. The company sought to build a world-class workforce and to enhance the overall hiring process, all while reducing turnover.

Business solution: The company turned to us because of our expertise in the property management sector. They are using our assessment solutions to evaluate candidates for hourly and management positions, and also using our interview guides to ensure the right questions are being asked. By automating and integrating data into its hiring process, the company has created a consistent candidate experience to yield better hires and improve overall profitability.

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