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Video interviews are a fantastic way to streamline an otherwise time-consuming, cumbersome practice. A positive development from the dismal video resume, video interviews allow companies to interact and engage with candidates in a way that far surpasses the static atmosphere garnered by phone interviews and one-way communication.

Video interviews are often predated with video portfolios, in which candidates are guided by a computer wizard to answer a series of strategic interviewing questions that have been scientifically tested and tailored to the position.  Candidate answers are video recorded and submitted to the recruiter to function as an additional prequalification tool that further refines the candidate list.

Video profiles are convenient because candidates can complete the interview in accordance with their own busy agendas, eliminating the hassle of coordinating recruiter(s) and candidate schedules. For companies trying to attract top talents, such a convenient process will likely provide faster access to otherwise in-demand individuals.

Once the most promising candidates have been identified and references have been checked, video interviews can be set up with incredible ease.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of the video interview is that it allows multiple company stakeholders to attend and participate in the interview process regardless of their geographic location.  Thus, panel interviewing is considerably more feasible without overextending already stretched travel budgets.

However, another added benefit of the video interview that should not be overlooked is that these interviews can typically be recorded.  Thus, candidates’ responses to questions can easily be reviewed and compared any number of times without placing significant burden on recruiters’ memory recall.

Has your company conducted video interviews?  What online tools have you used?

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