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Top Takeaways From The 2016 OutMatch Insights: Live! Conference
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Two weeks ago, we wrapped up our very first customer conference, OutMatch Insights: Live! It was a wonderful two and a half day event with some of of our favorite people in HR, all sharing lessons learned and success stories from their personal experience in the world of hiring and development.

Huge thanks to our captivating keynotes speakers, the “Tims,” renowned HR experts Tim Sanders and Tim Sackett, and to the growing tribe of OutMatchers, our fabulous customers who remind us everyday why we do what we do. Special shout out to the presenters from Compass Group, American Airlines, Carmax, Promethus Real Estate Group—and (before it starts to sound too much like a long-winded award show speech) everyone else who showed up for this exciting debut event!

The best part of the event was the incredible of amount of knowledge sharing that took place. Our customers and partners are truly a GOLD MINE of insight. Here are a few nuggets from the conference:

1. Stop thinking of talent as an expense.

In HR, we talk constantly in terms of costs—recruiting costs, replacement costs, the list goes on and on. We’re hyper-focused on eliminating costs (which will always exist, by the way). As Tim Sanders said his in keynote address, stop thinking of talent as an expense, because then you’ll always be trying to cut it. Talent is an investment that rewards positive output.

2. You don’t need people who come from a great culture.

Here’s the assumption: if you hire people from a big trendy company, you’ll somehow transplant that culture into your organization. Tim Sackett calls this the “Hire Googlers” syndrome, and in his keynote address, he explained why it doesn’t work and why it’s better to hire people who are eager to contribute to your culture, not carry over a culture from somewhere else.

3. “Someone is better than no one” is a myth.

It’s easy to feel mounting pressure from unfilled positions, but as Caitlan Wilber, Talent Selection Specialist at CarMax said in her presentation, a vacancy is still better than a bad hire. “It’s not just important that we sell cars,” she explained. “It’s how we sell cars.” This clarity of vision at CarMax helps keep Caitlan and her peers from settling on sub-par talent.

4. Customer satisfaction will never be greater than employee satisfaction.

This idea came up several times at the conference, first in Tim Sander’s keynote address, and again in a presentation from Cheryl Harris, Director of Talent Development at American Airlines. And they’re absolutely right. Satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) effects your entire ecosystem, and customers will begin to associate that “mood state” with your brand.


That’s just a small sampling of all the great insight that came out of the 2016 conference. Check back for full recordings of these presentations and more. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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