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US Based Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor

US Based Manufacturer And Wholesale Distributor

Background: This company manufactures and distributes automotive aftermarket products to major oil companies, farm store chains, mass merchandisers, and convenience store chains. They employee around 700 people in their corporate office in Nebraska, and in plants across Texas, Iowa, West Virginia, and Alabama.

Challenge: The contract with the company’s previous assessment provider had expired, and they were need of a new solution. They were ready to use assessments for hiring at all levels of the company, including the hourly population where they hadn’t used assessments before. Their goal is to reduce turnover by hiring people with the best potential for long term success.

Solution: They chose OutMatch because our assessments can easily scale across the company, and are proven predict success in any applicant pool. We have deep experience helping companies reduce turnover, and we also have the ability to tailor our assessments to this company’s unique culture and job types in the future.

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