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Talent Data And Turkey Fryers 

By now, everyone’s on board with big data, right? Well… depends on who you talk to. Our friends at Fistful of Talent recently wrote about the challenges of bringing HR data to the table, and the reactions you might get when you give people their first glimpse of talent analytics.

As blogger RJ Morris explains, even if your stakeholders are hungry for data, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an easy sell. HR is still considered a soft science, so your quality of hire analysis and performance metrics are bound to shock some people.

Here are some likely responses:

  • The cynic: “Since when do you crunch numbers?”
  • The zealot: “Awesome! This small sample of data solves everything!”
  • The stoic: “That’s nice, what else can you do?”

RJ’s advice? Keep it simple, get your numbers right, and never show up to a meeting with a 20-slide deck of stuff no has ever seen before. Get some friends in the audience who co-own the analysis with you, otherwise you’ll be fighting a headwind on your own.

“It’s just like giving a turkey fryer to your cousin Eddie—make sure your customer has a baseline intelligence about the topic, or disaster happens. Big data or small data doesn’t really matter if your leaders don’t know how to react when they see talent data for the first time.”

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