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Posted on LinkedIn by Warren Irwin, Senior Account Executive at OutMatch.

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of hosting a group of People and Talent leaders in San Francisco to discuss the timely topic of “What drives a culture of excellence?”

At a high-level, our guest, Dr. Charles O’Reilly, defines culture as “a pattern of behavior that is rewarded by people and systems.”

The consensus across the thought-leaders in attendance was that achieving a strong culture requires more than just the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.

Key Takeaways:

Research confirms that organizations with leading cultural norms and higher adaptability perform better than their peers in terms of net income growth, market value, and employer ratings.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with my network how OutMatch and Pomello, an OutMatch Company can support your efforts in attracting top talent, measuring cultural strength, and developing your leaders of tomorrow.

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