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World Renowned Restaurant Brand

World Renowned Restaurant Brand

Background: This world renowned brand can be found in 74 countries, with venues including 175 restaurants, 24 hotels, and 11 casinos. The company owns, operates, and franchises locations in iconic cities such as London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and Dubai, and they plan to continue expanding into new markets.

Problem: With a small recruiting team for all corporate restaurant hires in the U.S., the company needed a way to reduce time to hire and drive quality across their restaurant management population.

Solution: The company realized they could gain efficiency and greatly improve time to hire by automating the reference checking process. In evaluating the OutMatch reference checking solution, they saw value in our competency-based questions that are tailored specifically to the job, which will help them vet the very best talent for their restaurant management positions across the U.S.

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