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Worldwide Call Center Company

Worldwide Call Center Company

Background: With over 65 locations across 20 countries, this call center company provides inbound customer engagement services to companies around the world. Their mission is to help connect companies and their customer bases, and they support all channels of communication, including phone, email, web, chat, social media, and digital self-service.

Challenge: As a call center in a high-turnover industry, the company is constantly battling employee turnover, specifically in inbound service roles. The company needed to reduce turnover so they could continue providing top-notch customer service for their clients.

Solution: Without an assessment in place, the company had not way of knowing which call center candidates were most likely to have long-term success in the role. They had used another assessment vendor in the past and were not happy with it. They were ready to try a new vendor, and needed a solution that would be up and running quickly to help control their turnover problem. They chose OutMatch because the VP of HR had seen success with our assessments at a previous company. We’ll provide an off-the-shelf assessment as an immediate solution, and then work together to create tailored job profiles specific to this organization’s roles and culture.

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