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Reference checks can provide powerful candidate insights yet, when done manually, can fall short in providing the critical information you need to make a good hire. It’s hard to make a smart decision about a candidate when you don’t talk to enough references or they aren’t able to be candid or thoughtful in their responses over the phone.

Checkster fully automates the entire reference checking process, gathering higher quality feedback in less time. Over time, analyzing this collective intelligence will help you to predict quality of hire.

Checkster: How it Works

Get insights that help you improve quality, compliance and speed of your hiring decisions.

Select survey

Simply log in and choose the reference survey you’d like to use.

Invite candidates

Your candidates receive an email asking them to invite references.

Candidates invite references

You can set a minimum number of references for the candidate to invite.

Get reports and results

Get aggregated feedback and reports providing instant insights about candidates.

How Reference Checks can Improve your Hiring Experience

Outmatch is leveraging Checkster to improve hiring outcomes through reference insights

  • Save time: Save an hour of your time per candidate. In just 2 minutes you can set the automated reference check process in motion, giving you more time to focus on other strategic talent acquisition initiatives.

  • 24/7 Reference checks: Candidates and references can access Checkster anywhere anytime, including on mobile and via SMS text maximizing your response rate.

  • Avoid bad hires: The cost of a bad hire is 2x their annual salary. Checkster clients, on average, identify 12% of candidates as fraudulent or unfit for the company or role. Can you afford not to catch them before the offer goes out?

  • Conduct more insightful interviews: Conduct online reference checks on your finalist candidates before hiring manager interviews, giving them more detailed information and insights on a candidate to have a more informed conversation.

  • Source passive candidates: Using Checkster, 80% of your candidate’s references opt in to hear more about roles at your company. That’s 5 new passive candidates on average, per candidate checked. Build a highly qualified sourcing database quickly by automating your reference checks.

  • Get more responses: Collecting references through Checkster gets you an average of 6 responses per candidate with the click of a button.

Reference Checks are part of Outmatch’s Hiring Experience Stack

Outmatch Reference

Improve the experience for references, candidates and recruiters — with better data and better results.


Outmatch Assess

Create rich, engaging hiring assessments to get the data you need without compromising the candidate experience.


Outmatch Interview

Humanize the phone screen black hole by letting candidates tell their story.


Create a candidate-driven process

Reimagine your hiring experience with Outmatch and unlock value for all candidates while optimizing the process for your organization and recruiters.

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