The Hiring Experience Manifesto

Our candidate-driven hiring experience breaks new ground in talent acquisition. It’s time to address the pain everyone feels through the typical hiring process.

The new way to win the best talent

Hiring is broken. To be clear, it’s not that your hiring process is bad. It’s that hiring as we know it is based on a flawed model that is company-driven.

Poor candidate experience by the numbers

Your brand is at serious risk with the hiring process of yesterday.

Every job opening attracts about 250 candidates. Only four to six will get interviews. And only one will get the job. So if you’re in a 10,000-person company with 18% turnover and 5% growth, here’s what your world looks like:


1,800 annual job openings caused by turnover
+ 500 caused by growth
= 2,300 annual job openings

That means

as well as

Only 9,200 – 13,800 people will get interviews (but that’s still a lot of work for your company)

And, of course, only

That means that about 572,700 people (maybe slightly fewer if you take out the folks who actually got interviews) are going to have a really terrible experience.

Bottom line is that the more you hire, the more you put your employer brand and your customer brand at risk.

There’s a better way.

It’s time to reorient the hiring experience around the candidate

For decades or longer, we have viewed the hiring experience as a company-driven process. Instead of trying to improve a process, it’s time to reimagine an experience where:

Every candidate gets seen in a timely manner and no one gets missed

Every candidate gets something valuable from the experience, even if it’s not a job

Without doubling or tripling the size of your recruiting team

This is what candidates need but your business needs even more. You also need to create a standout employer brand experience, understand the holistic data story happening across hiring and measure the impact. It’s finally possible with the first and only Hiring Experience Stack.

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The Hiring Experience Stack is a thoughtful orchestration of assessments, video interviewing and reference checking that breathes life into your ATS. Explore how we layer these products to humanize the hiring experience at scale.

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A candidate-driven hiring process is within reach

It’s time to transform recruiting in a way that’s better for all candidates — and your business. Download our manifesto on why letting candidates drive their own experience is both possible and necessary for organizations, recruiters and candidates alike.

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