Digital transformation is something that’s been happening in organizations (and everywhere) since the dot com era. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that digital transformation really became business strategy. In this webinar, we look at HR’s digital transformation – specifically, how COVID has reshaped hiring strategy. Talent Acquisition leaders from Boston Market and Verisk Analytics share what digital transformation looks like for them, how the hiring experience has changed, and how they’re using technology to tackle new challenges. Presented with talentReef.

Watch the webinar wrap up and final thoughts here: Best Advice for HR Leaders Pursuing Digital Transformation (2 min)

Top takeaways from the webinar:

1. Over two-thirds of attendees said they’re either hiring as usual (50%) or experiencing a hiring surge (21%), both of which are great signs as we progress toward economic recovery. Twenty-nine percent of attendees said they’re on a hiring freeze.

2. “Getting people to apply” was ranked the top recruitment challenge by nearly half of attendees (41%). In second was managing a higher number of applicants (21%), followed by onboarding safely (16%), interviewing remotely or in-person (13%), and re-hiring furloughed employees (9%).

3. Tenured employees who are more old fashioned and prefer to do things in-person will be your biggest challenge and a critical group to get on board with digital transformation (17:00). Be sure to meet people where they are and walk with them. Take the time to show them the benefits, like how technology can free them to do more meaningful work (59:00).

4. New ways of working require new skills. The current crisis has brought new skills needs to light. Soft skills like being adaptable, a good communicator, and able to pivot in a time of uncertainty are more important than ever. These are critical things to look for and screen for in your talent pool (24:00).

5. You simply can’t reach as many people organically as you can through technology. Sending mass messages and creating campaigns really helps out. Not only that, it’s the way of the future (35:00).

6. Communication matters more than ever. There are a lot of people out there who have lost their jobs and are applying and not hearing back. Utilize those automatic responses, because if someone puts in an application they should get a response, even if it’s “We’re reviewing a lot of resumes and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible,” or “We’ve had to put our hiring on hold, but we’ll keep your application on file.” Communication is important to people, especially now (58:00).